Author: J.L. Drake

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: TRIGGER (Devil’s Reach Book 1) by J.L. Drake

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: TRIGGER (Devil’s Reach Book 1) by J.L. DrakeTRIGGER (Devil's Reach Book 1) by J.L. Drake
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5 Stars


HOLY HELL! JL Drake has some wicked in her! If you have ever read her other books… you know she likes to shake things up and has a bit of a dark side! Well hang on for this ride because she unleashes it all in Trigger!!

There is no easing you into this story… She starts out strong and dark and wild and only moves it up many levels from there!!

We meet Trigger…President of the Devil’s Reach MC, a trained fighting machine groomed by the devil to kill at the flip of a switch. He can not be touched… its too much as he has never had anyone ever care for him… Oh you know how I love my broken souls… and he is as broken as they come!

In walks Tessa, into his bar, a friend of one of his trusted brothers, Brick. She is running from something.. that he knows. But she is different. Doesn’t even blink at the violence laid out in front of her within her first day. And it doesn’t hurt that she is sassy and hot as hell… but Trigger has no clue what lays beneath that beauty!

MC is my ultimate fave genre… and you all know I love my stories gritty and dark! Well JL Drake wrote this book as if it was wrapped up with a big bloody bow just for me because she hit every mark and surpassed it with the twisty turns and bloody suspense! And there is a Hotness factor here that surpasses all as it is completely entertwined with darkness which makes it all that much hotter.

I want to say sooooo much more about this…but I just can’t spoil it for you! Just know this… big girl panties are not even enough to have when reading this. If you love your MC stories… grittier.. and raw with a shock and awe effect thrown in for fun, then dive into this first book now!!!


Honor by J.L. Drake – Release

Honor by J.L. Drake – ReleaseHonor (Blackstone Series Book 1) by J.L. Drake
on January 1st 1970

Bullets fly during a dangerous mission, and Major Mark Lopez is critically injured…
A Blackstone soldier, Mark is transferred to the North Dakota hospital with the security clearance to treat members of the elite covert team. The pretty new nurse assigned to his case knows her stuff, but Mark soon discovers she knows more than just how to save lives. Mia Harper knows the Blackstone Code.
Mia is a bit of gypsy and doesn’t engage much with people—but there’s something about her mysterious new patient…
After Mark recovers from surgery, he is discharged from the hospital with orders to rest. Not that he does. Instead he rushes to México for the team’s next assignment. But when he returns to the hospital again and again with minor—and not so minor—injuries, Mia suspects he’s only coming to see her. Romance ignites, and because Mia signed a non-disclosure agreement at the hospital, Mark is able to open up more with Mia than any other woman.
Some debts demand payment in either cash or blood…
When someone from Mark’s past comes to him for help, old secrets start to resurface, and more blood is shed. Worlds collide and lies are exposed in an all-or-nothing underground poker game.
Mark must put his life on the line to keep Mia safe…and to finally learn the answer to the question that’s haunted him his whole life.
What really happened that night twenty-five years ago?

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