Author: Jacqueline M. Sinclair

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Mercy Denied by Jacqueline M. Sinclair

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Mercy Denied by Jacqueline M. SinclairMercy Denied: Trinity by Jacqueline M. Sinclair
on February 27th 2016
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She and her friend set me up. Then they sent those pictures to my wife. Little did they know that she’d already left me and that I was devastated and ready to self-destruct. Because of her, I lost everything I ever wanted … the only hope I had. Now I will risk everything I have left to destroy her. It doesn't matter why she did it, that she was hurting, or even that she was drunk. It doesn't matter that she looks at me like she sees into my soul. Does it?
Melanie was the one that’d sent those pictures to his wife, but it was me who’d told her to get her camera ready. I’d been angry at my ex-fiance and took it out on Merrick, wanting to expose him for the cheater I thought he was. I never dreamed it would go this far - that he would vow to destroy me. I’d take it all back if I could, but the damage is done. My mother’s life’s work is at his mercy and he’s determined to make me feel the loss that I caused him. Still, the way he looks at me I have to ask myself, did my poor choices wake the monster...or the man?


4.5 stars!
Bravo Jacqueline!! You have created an amazing story of love and loss… or was it love? When in reality it was finding love after heavy loss… You have touched my heart with such an elegant story.

You begin reading about Merrick and his wife Ella, who are the end of their sad marriage. Once best friends, then husband and wife, they are barely holding on to being civil with each other. With a marriage sort of forced upon them by their respective families.. it was doomed from the start..

Then you swing immediately with Trinity who is wallowing in hurt with a cheating ex-fiancee… her friend Melanie who won’t take no for an answer on a night out on the town to get her out of her funk… and lo and behold that is where one too many drinks leads Trinity and Merrick to cross paths with each other, and not for the good of destiny it seems… but to make sure they help his soon to be ex-wife in the divorce so she wins all she deserves.


Funny how under the influence, all those brilliant ideas don’t seem do bright in the light of day! So true to form… Trinity is not a happy camper and just wants to put everything behind her.. but she never expected that months later her one night out was going to bite her in the arse!

This is where Jacqueline delves deep into this story wrought with so many levels of emotions and elements to lead you to a climactic ending that you did not see coming. I shed tears… I will not lie… it moved me with what these characters are living with… and my heart was healed in the end….

With the cast of characters that is Trinity and Merrick’s friends and family… you just know this family has many books with amazing stories yet to come!
I for one can not wait!