Author: River Savage

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Hetch (Men OF S.W.A.T #1) by River Savage

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Hetch (Men OF S.W.A.T #1) by River SavageHetch (Men OF S.W.A.T Book 1) by River Savage, Becky Johnson
on January 1st 1970
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4 Stars

Save verb ˈsāv
1 a: Keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger.
Synonyms: rescue, come to someone's rescue, save someone's life, set free, liberate, deliver, extricate.
Saving lives is the end goal. It's a responsibility I live with every day, the reason I wear the badge. Built on a brotherhood that runs deeper than blood, this way of life has become my very existence...
Until Liberty.
I thought I was saving her.
I never expected her to be the one saving me.

Liberty is a Program Director for a Boys group home.  She is invested in her boys 100%.  She lives and breathes her job.  That is a lot easier than trying to live and love.  She has had bad relationships and places her va-jay-jay on sabbatical.  Not an easy thing to do when you live in an apt with paper thin walls and your neighbor is a man whore.  Her B.O.B is getting quite the work out.

PE circle 400

Hetch is a swat team leader who handles crisis situations.  One being attempted suicide.  Hitch lives with his demons on this subject and tries to drown his pain in booze and women.  Thing is, he wants more, but doesn’t even know how to get more.

Liberty and Hetch meet innocently enough… and the sparks fly off the charts! Then they die a quick death once reality hits.  Can they overcome a gazillion obstacles and trust in those sparks?

read it to find out!!