Series: Breaking the Declan Brothers

Princess Emma Reviews: Zeke by Kelly Gendron

Princess Emma Reviews: Zeke by Kelly GendronZEKE (Breaking the Declan Brothers, #3) by Kelly Gendron
on January 1st 1970
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4.5 Stars

“Some guys call, some date, and some guys, they might even get married. But, sweetheart, I ain’t any of those guys...” ~ Zeke Declan
Every girl in Galveston County knows about Zeke Declan’s rules and has agreed to them or is considering them. Rule #1 Don’t call him. He’ll call you. Rule #2 He doesn’t date. Rule #3 No sleepovers. Rule #4 Absolutely, no virgins.
When a couple friends talk me into going back to their hometown in the Bayou for the summer and challenge me to break “the best damn lay in Galveston County” along with every single one of his ridiculous rules, I’m confident that I can get the job done. I’m no stranger to men. I have five older brothers. I’m a teacher and I’m used to being around rebellious teenagers. However, Zeke Declan is definitely not someone that I could have prepared for. He’s not a testosterone-fueled, immature boy. He’s a confident, arousing, playful, and mind-melting man. But, behind that sexy charming smile, I know he’s hiding a secret. And, in order to break him, I’m going to need to find out what it is...

Series: Breaking the Declan Brothers #3

4.5 Crowns

Book 3 in the Breaking the Declan Brothers series. This book can be read as a standalone, and is told during the time frame of both Jax and Slate, but I recommend you also read them. They are both really good reads and you will get to know both the main protagonists in Zeke that little bit more. If anything it makes for a much more rounded story.

Lurlene is spending the summer on the Bayou for one reason; to help her friends Emmie and Rayna in their mission to break the mighty Declan brothers. Charged with breaking the youngest brother Zeke, Lurlene is a long way from Manhattan and her sedate teaching job. A virgin at 25, if nothing else she plans on getting laid by the best lay in Galveston county. But Zeke isn’t what she expects, and she soon finds herself wanting to break his rules for herself, rather than just to win the silly task set for her.

Zeke Declan lives by 4 rules: Don’t call me, I’ll call you. I don’t date. No sleepovers and absolutely no virgins. If a woman wants him, then who is he to say no, but they must follow the rules; no exceptions. Until one day he bumps in to a fiery red head with emerald eyes. She is the only woman that has made him reconsider his rules, and as much as he can’t stay away, he knows he must. Zeke doesn’t have the rules for the sake of it, he does it to protect himself, but more importantly to protect others. His love is dangerous and Lurlene is too special to risk the darkness his love will bring.

I really like this series. 3 friends versus 3 brothers, but all with very different personalities and very different stories. After reading Slate’s book, I wondered how Kelly could top it. Well she did it very cleverly, that is how. Zeke is such a cool dude. Everyone loves him, he just has that aura about him. But as so often in life, it’s the brightest stars that carry the most baggage and Zeke is one of those people. As for Lurlene, well having grown up with 5 brothers, not much can shock her. She is immune to the games that Zeke plays and totally sees through him. They strike up this unlikely pairing; the manwhore and the virgin, but oh how it works.

These are the only books I have read by Kelly Gendron, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed all 3. Her writing has a nice easy to read flow, is descriptive without being too wordy and draws you in very quickly. If I had to give a negative, it would be that all the books, including this one are over a little too quickly. However on the flipside, that is only because I enjoyed them so much… I just wanted more of these great characters.

A really enjoyable series, and one that leads into another. Yes, Lurlene’s five brothers will be getting their own stories. From what little we read about them in this book, The Kane Brother’s series is certainly one I will be looking out for.


A sexy, easy read, but one that has a surprisingly deeper element to it as well. Great book, indeed great series.