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Princess Emma Reviews: Hell On Wheels by Cynthia Rayne

Princess Emma Reviews: Hell On Wheels by Cynthia RayneHell on Wheels (Four Horsemen MC, #6) by Cynthia Rayne, Sara Rayne
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 238
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4 Stars

Growing up, Axel dreamed of living a normal life as a law-abiding citizen with a good woman at his side. But life has a way of kicking your dreams in the teeth. The Four Horsemen have been blackmailed into a partnership with a bootlegger and mobster, Byron Beauregard. As the new club president, Axel wants to shut that partnership down.
Charlie Nash has been getting a five-fingered discount ever since she was a little girl. Her father, a master thief, trained her to be the best and she always gets the job done clean and quick. After catching her squatting in the club's hotel, the MC asks her to steal from Beauregard. Can she make time for love when she’s got her own score to settle with the Dixie Mafia?

Series: Four Horseman MC #6

4 Crowns

Book 6 in the Four Horseman MC series. This book does have a continuing club storyline and should therefore be read in the order it has been written.

Axel Rollins had his life planned out. A girlfriend, a career and a future life far different from the one he grew up in. But his life never quite followed the path he dreamt of. Instead he found himself a member of the MC his deceased father once led, running the MC’s garage and single after being dumped by a woman that wanted more from her life. And now he finds himself flung into pole position, a place he isn’t sure he wants to be, and leading when he doesn’t know which direction to go.

Charlie Nash is a drifter. A life on the road and a father who taught her to be the best and most efficient thief, she is brilliant at what she does. But now she is on a different mission, one that will hopefully lead her to the man who killed the father she adored. What she doesn’t count on is getting involved with the local MC; even if she is squatting in their motel. Charlie soon finds her place in Hell and she isn’t so sure she will want to move on.

A common enemy and a common goal to take down Byron Beauregard. Will they ignore their growing attraction? Or will they be distracted, and fall into the traps of a man that prides himself on staying one step ahead?

I love the storyline that continues on throughout these books. It’s really strong and it means that although each book follows the ups and downs of a different member’s love life, you kind of just fall back into it and it pulls you in almost immediately. Each member is strong and well developed, so you feel like you are catching up with old friends and of course seeing how our previous couples are getting on.

This book, more than previous, very much answers lingering questions, particularly regarding Captain, and Axel’s promotion within the club. The storyline is also richer in the dramas of the club rather than focusing on the love story. I enjoyed this as the club story had really come to a pivotal point, but it does mean it doesn’t explore Axel and Charlie as much as we have other couples which was a shame. I would have liked to know just a bit more about them and watch their relationship develop as it did with the others, but I did like them a lot. Axel had been determined not to involve a woman into the life he leads, but this left him lonely and now isolated due to his new responsibilities. Charlie is the perfect fit for him and his club, and stealing her innocence is so not an issue in this match-up.

Another great instalment to a story that continues to twist and turn as the pages are turned. The ending will certainly leave you wanting more, not just from Steele, but from various members and of course the kick-ass story that the author is weaving.