Series: Grim Bastards

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Dirty Bastard by Emily Minton

Princess Elizabeth Reviews: Dirty Bastard by Emily MintonDirty Bastard (Grim Bastards MC Book 1) by Emily Minton, Shelley Springfield
on January 1st 1970
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3.5 Stars

She's a biker chick with an edge.Daughter of an MC president, Trix Slade is used to living on the wild side, but nothing prepares her for being kidnapped by the Grim Bastards MC. Hellbent on getting back home, Trix will do anything to get away from her captors--anything. There’s only one problem, Boz is as sexy as he is wild-- a tempting combination for a woman like Trix.He's a bastard with a soul.The Bastards’ president, Boz Creed, wants to bring Trix’s father down and knows the best way to get to him is by using his precious daughter. Determined to get the revenge he seeks, Boz is willing to do anything to get what he wants--anything. There’s only one problem, Trix is as sexy as she is stubborn--a deadly combination for a man like Boz.Can love between two rival clubs survive without someone taking the ultimate fall?

Series: Grim Bastards #2

There is some series drama going on between the Grim Bastard MC and the Satan’s Revenge.  Although they hold a mutual camaraderie that began years ago… this is just something that needs to be corrected regardless of the casualties.

Years ago a very young girl named Trix, daughter of the president of Satan’s Revenge, befriended a young man named Boz, son of the President of the Grim Bastard’s.  Through the years Trix built that friendship into a very strong crush that ruled her heart.  To the point where she was going to give Boz all of her.  Fate steps in and causes that friendship not only between Trix and Boz to fall apart.. but also between the MC clubs…

Time passes and Trix grows up and goes to college, Boz brows up and becomes the president of his MC.  Fate again steps in and causes Boz to make a rash decision or lose everything.  That he can not allow as he has worked too hard to turn his club around and make it legit.  So the only choice he has it to kidnap Trix!


So what is Trix to do?  She is now in the clutches of the man she loves, but she is a tough daughter of an MC President.  Not only that, but her best friend was kidnapped with her!  She must keep her wits about her and guard her heart!

Boz on the other hand, won’t let Trix leave him.  He did something years ago to protect her, but that deal is off the table now that he has her near him again.  This is the woman that holds his heart and he needs to figure out how to save his club, have his woman, and stop a war from starting with her father’s club.

This book is fast paced with some twists and secrets that I did not see coming… Can not wait to continue reading about this MC Club!