Series: Road to Nowhere

Princess Emma Reviews: Ends Here by M. Robinson

Princess Emma Reviews: Ends Here by M. RobinsonEnds Here (Road to Nowhere, #2) by M. Robinson
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5 Stars

The sequel to Road to Nowhere is coming April 4th. Find out all the answers to the questions you are dying to know in Ends Here. Cover and synopsis coming soon.
*Note: Road to Nowhere must be read before Ends Here.

Series: Road to Nowhere #2
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5 Crowns

Book 2 in the 2 book sub series Road to Nowhere. This is a very much a continuation of Mia and Creed’s story, so if you haven’t read Road to Nowhere yet, please do not read any further as this will contain spoilers. You MUST read Ends Here after book 1.

We know their history. We know where it started. But what does the future hold for Creed and Mia? All we know is that it Ends Here!

So, book 2 picks up from where we were left hanging at the end of Road to Nowhere. Mia is missing after a shoot-out at Creed’s mother’s house. Creed is frantic, as is Noah his brother and her unborn baby’s father.

Will they find Mia in time?

Will Creed find who is responsible?

Most importantly… Will Creed and Mia find there HEA?

Okay, so I usually like to give more of a story overview than that, so I am really sorry that I can’t. Actually, strike that… I love that I can’t. Once again M. Robinson has given me a book that has left me speechless in it brilliance and wordless in how I even begin to sum it up.

Whereas book 1 gave us history, the backstory, the bones of who they are, where they came from and of course why they were drawn to each other; book 2 gives us the juicy meat, the good stuff, the part of the story we have been waiting for.

I always expect twists and turns with this author, it’s what she does. She throws down the bread crumbs and it is up to us to follow the trail she leaves us. She excels in angst, what if’s, hurt, betrayals and soul wrenching love stories; this book is no different. So if you loved book 1 let me assure you that book 2 will blow your freaking mind.

Creed steps up to the plate in this book, but in doing so he also leaves himself wide open. Once again at this point I wish I could say more, but I can’t without giving too much away. All I will say is expect the totally unexpected. Seriously this book blindsided me with the secrets that came out and the direction it took at times. Let me warn you now, a HEA isn’t a guarantee for Creed and Mia because of one other very important character in this story. So expect to have your heart stomped on a good few times before the end.

Once again, M. Robinson has written yet another breath-stealing book. I am in absolute awe of her talent for writing books that have such an effect on me emotionally. This spin-off series is just as good as its predecessor The Good Ol’ Boys and it is without doubt one of the best series of books I have ever read.


So as we say goodbye to the characters from this book, we welcome our next “El Santo”  and I for one can’t bloody wait!