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Princess Emma Reviews: Sweet Hope (Sweet Home #3) by Tillie Cole

Princess Emma Reviews: Sweet Hope (Sweet Home #3) by Tillie ColeSweet Hope (Sweet Home, #4) by Tillie Cole
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 295
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5 Stars

From the USA Today Bestselling Sweet Home Series, comes Sweet Hope.
My name is Ally Prince and I've always been unlucky in love. I don’t know why, I just always… have.
When all of my best friends were falling for their soul mates in College, I was left behind. I was Ally, the pretty cousin of superstar quarterback, Romeo Prince. I was Ally, the best friend to the most amazing group of girls I've ever known—a title I loved, but one I became tired of 'just' being. And I was Ally, the one on which they could all rely.
But to me, I was Ally, the girl with the heart no one had claimed... And I was, Ally, the girl, who underneath it all, was heart-breakingly lonely.
I LOVE love; the thought of it, the nervous excitement of falling for Mr. Right, the desire of someone becoming my entire world... of me becoming theirs. I’ve always wanted passion, heart-stopping, epic, life-changing romance... I’ve always wanted the fairytale… I’ve always wanted it all.
It just never seemed like I would get it.
For the past few years I've thrown myself into my career as a museum curator. I’m the best of the best, the person every museum wants to hire, so when an opportunity came up to move to Seattle, I jumped at the chance. My cousin and my best friend lived in Seattle and I needed a change.
I needed a new beginning.
I wasn't expecting to meet anyone in the Emerald City. I wasn't expecting to work closely with the reclusive new sculptor my all-important gallery design was centered around. And I certainly wasn't expecting to fall for him... heart-stopping, epic, life-changing love...My real life fairytale come true.
But, like in every fairytale, there’s a villain, a dark and tortured soul... I just didn't know that the villain and the hero in my story would end up being one and the same.
New Adult Romance Novel—contains adult content, sexual situations and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up.

Series: Sweet Hope #3
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5 Crowns

Book 4, and the conclusion of the Sweet Home series. This could be read as a standalone, but I don’t recommend it. Each book does focus on a new couple, but this series is the life journey that a group of tightly knitted friends are on. To get the full emotional depth this book creates, it is important to know the pathways each character took to get here.

We finally get to Ally Prince’s book. With her best friends and cousin having found their happiness, Ally finds herself immersing herself in her work; having never found anyone to make her heart race. What does make her heart race though is art, and in particular the work of the reclusive sculptor Elpidio. When she is approached to curate his 1st show, she jumps on a plane to ensure she wins the commission. Impressing with her knowledge and passion, she finds her life being uprooted to Seattle for the job of her life. Little does she know how much of an effect Elpidio will have on that life.

At 30, Elpidio has finally found his calling in life. Through the medium of marble, he expresses his inner struggles and lets his demons run free. Who knew someone who continues to battle the sins of his past could turn those battles into beauty; certainly not Elpidio. Having the show in Seattle is the one thing that convinces Elpi to exhibit his work. Not only will Seattle force him to confront his past, it will also be a new chapter in a life that has been pointless thus far. What he doesn’t want is the passionate and talented Aliyana Lucia/Prince making his life more complicated. But life is complicated and sometimes those complications can turn into your salvation, giving you hope when you are drowning in hopelessness.

Is Tillie Cole capable of writing a mediocre book? Not on your nelly. Once again, Ms Cole proves why she is taking the indie world by storm. This book is such an heart wrenching read. Sweet Fall was always going to be a hard act to follow because Austin and Lexi’s book was such a deeply moving book. I wondered how and if she could top it, how she would move her readers on from the intensity that book evoked. All I can say is that she surpassed all my expectations and not only delivered a well crafted book about finding redemption, but also a book with a love so deep that it hit me deep in the gut page after page. This book has so many layers to it and each one is more touching than the next. Ally and Elpi’s relationship will create shockwaves. Those waves will not only effect them, but also the tight knit group that Ally holds so close to her heart.

Tillie Cole should be very proud of not only this book, but the series as a whole. She continues to amaze me with her faultless writing, storylines and the passion and emotion that she obviously pours into every word she writes. I have a heavy heart as I bid farewell to my ‘Bama friends. I do it however, happy and content with the conclusion. It has been an emotional and tearful journey, but one that I have enjoyed immensely. I was lucky enough to meet Tillie recently, getting a signed book of Sweet Fall because it had touched me so much. Next time I find myself at a signing with her, Sweet Hope will be top of my list – A MUST READ book/series.